Filter-TEK, INC
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Air Filter Recycling

Filters are picked up at your location and returned to our facility in Rolla. They are inspected as to their suitability for recycling. Filters are recycled using two computerized Filter Miser machines. These machines wet wash the filters in a pressure-controlled environment. The filters are then dried in one of three ovens over night. The next day each filter is restriction tested on a flow bench and candled in a light room for defects or damaged media. Each filter is then visually examined for gasket and structural damage. Finally the filters are boxed in new boxes and labeled with our recycled number as well as the customer's number if different. They are then invoiced and delivered back to the original owner.

Equipment Survey

Filter-Tek Inc. can survey your equipment to determine the filters required for each machine as well as quantities required to meet your service intervals. From this we can also generate shelf labels with stock quantities.

Intake & Exhaust System

Filter-Tek can help you design complete Intake and Exhaust Systems to meet your engine intake and exhaust CFM requirements.

Inventory Management

Once your stocking levels are established we can maintain your levels by replenishing based on your usage.

Factory Assistance

Filter-Tek, Inc. has the ability to bring factory representatives or engineers in to assist with special problems or projects.

Dust Control Systems

Filter-Tek is able to bring in Donaldson-Torit engineers in to aid in designing your dust control system based on you needs.